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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Fish in AO?

Baba was interviewed by a Clan org as a potential member recently.  One of the comments made by the interviewer was along the lines of "we don't want to give out fish, but would rather teach new players how to fish."  This is the crux of Baba's current situation.

Babacratus is starting to realize his gear is in bad need of upgrading.  The implants he put in back at level 60 and just not cutting it now.  The deal with the expansions is basically this.  You can get by up to level 100 with Rubi-Ka grade average gear and implants, but once you start in on 100+ SL mobs your old Rubi-Ka stuff just does not cut it.  You need full symbiants, and at the minimum full Jobe armor.  The path to the armor is pretty clear.  He probably has all the insignias he needs, but 15 million credits total is a long way off.  So far he has not made a profit at all, but has been draining down credits previously earned by his Froob predecessors that was farmed in Foremans or got by selling a few lucky mission drops like Grid Armor discs. etc.

He has no clue as to how to get symbiants other than to buy them somehow, by farming something (?). He has only found complete patterns for one boss at this point, and it is for one that drops stuff that a Crat can't use.  This is after killing hundreds of Ely mobs in the wild and dungeons.

Last night he applied to an active clan org and was accepted for the usual 'trail period'.  They were a friendly bunch of people and most welcoming. He got plenty of helpful advice, mostly regarding his need to get a full lvl 120 set of symbiants in order for him to be able to effectively use the crat tool-chest in Ely.  He got to inspect several other toons near his level and could see how they can meet the requirements for level 120+ crat nanos of 800 or more in nano-skills by having the right gear. 

So it was instructive, but also a bit depressing, since he has no idea at this point exactly what to farm or 'how to fish.'  Clearly what he has done in the past on Rubi-Ka as a froob is not sufficient. 

Some people, i.e. the ever shrinking core of end-gamers around, obviously never blinked on this issue and somehow solved the getting credits issue.  Baba is convinced this issue is precisely why AO's player base continues to shrink.  It has nothing to do with graphics, Look at on of the biggest hits around now, Minecraft.  It makes AO's graphics look like a Hollywood production.  Graphics is a non issue and at best will bring in a few curiosity seekers if it is ever released, but the grind to farm for gear essential to level and get teams remains and most likely will continue to discourage all but the few who somehow intuit or luck into a way to credit independence in AO. 

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