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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aliens and Sheer Terror

With his ego and body still sore from the wipe handed to him by a swarm of Eremites in Elysium, Babacratus (level 60 Bureaucrat) decided to try something different from Shadowlands for a break, so he headed to Old Athens and the Clan Daily Mission Agency for some Alien mother ship missions. He met up with Babaemphee outside the Clan Mission Agency to pick up Mastery buffs to help him cast his best Drioid.

Babacratus Glad For Signs
After the agency teleporter sent him to the Unicorn base he found that it is enormous.He got lost several times before he found his intended ride. He spent a great deal of time just taking in base which offers a number of vendors and characters to interact with.  As soon as he boarded the correct shuttle, he was inside the alien ship almost instantly.  As his main intelligence for these missions had come from trader Tireen, he as very careful at first.  She had run a few back when they were first introduced and at that time the Aliens could difficult for some levels. In preparation he also had scanned a great web guide to Alien missions at Anarchy Online Universe which gave him a good idea of how to proceed.

He had no idea about the various types of Aliens he would face.  He charmed the first one he came across which turned out to be a simple technician, which he soon found did little if any damage.  He eventually found an Ensign, which he later realized, was the toughest alien he would meet in these dailies.  After successfully clearing about half the mission of aliens using his charmed Ensign and his Droid, he found the mission objective, an alien technology artifact and put it in his backpack.  He was pressed for time due to other commitments, so choose to exit the mission then.  He later regretted this when he found that the mission reward was simply a few sided tokens. The only experience to be gained was from the mobs killed in the mission. 

The next day he pulled his second alien daily mission.  This time after he located the artifact, he continued to clear as many aliens as he could find and eventually dinged his next alien level and class "Newcomer."  When a fire was blocking his way to a portion of the ship he decided to try crossing it.  He survived the crossing at half health, but soon found out that there was no other side, that the whole other side was on fire and he was back at his last save point in a flash.  This turned out to be a boon, as when he returned to the mission, most of the mobs had re-spawned, allowing him to reap more alien experience.

Babaoroody, was the next Baba to visit the Mission Agency, however as a froob he can only pull Ruby-Ka missions.  At level 151, he has been getting the same mission "Eavesdropping".  It is a devilishly awful mission.   The objective is a high level Omni soldier with a fairly powerful gun. The problem for Babaoroody is that his usual equalizer tactic of kiting cannot be used in this situation.  The Omni person is situated in a small enclosed area at the top of the high diving tower at Lush Hills resort. Not only is there not enough room in the enclosure to kite, but the ceiling is so low that Baba's vision is partially obscured.  After failing it a number of times, he gave up trying to do it and simply cancelled the mission.  Unfortunately an alternative never seemed to come up each time he requested a new mission.  After telling Babaemphee (level 100) about this once when they happened to meet while helping prepare Babacratus for his Shadowlands efforts, she offered to assist.

Babaoroody at 151
At first that seemed ludicrous to Babaoroody because she is 50 levels lower than him.  Thinking it over more, he realized that in going solo with this mission, he had come quite close to winning several times.  He had been just barely losing the race to lower the oppositions health. Babaente brought three pluses to the fight.  The first was that her heal pet, while not strong enough to stay even with the Omni's damage, might be strong enough to at least enable Babaoroody to outlast the foe.  The second plus was the additional damage provided by her attack pet.  Lastly she brought additional damage with her dual skulls.

The logistics of setting up the kills were time consuming.  Getting to Lush Hills is always an out of the way trip of clanners.  One thing Babaoroody noticed that had changed at Lush Hills since the last time he was there several years ago, is that there are almost no Omni guards to be found.  There used to always be several, often within shooting range of the grid exit.  Other than the mission target and a few lowbie mobs out around the perimeter, there was no one else around.  After getting buffed up, the game plan was simple.  Babaoroody would hit his Challenger, then a mongo, and then take the near instant ride to the top of the tower and rush the Omni.  As he was firing off his alphas, Babaemphee took the lift up next, and proceeded to put the heal pet on the Enforcer, the attack pet on the Omni, and then ran herself up in the Omni's face to start wailing on it with her dual Skulls. 

The combination of the Enforcer's mongo, his serious Pained Panther damage, and the MP's much weaker but steady Skull damage, the Omni kept his aggro on the Enforcer.  After all the time it took to travel there and set the attack up, the fight was over quickly.  When the Omni hit the floor, Babaoroody was only down to about half health.  It fit perfectly something Babaoroody had read in an ancient air combat warriors writings that describe combat as something like 'hours of extreme boredom punctuated by minutes of sheer terror."
When Babaoroody got his reward later at the agency, he was just a few points short of dinging level 152.  

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