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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charming Fellow

Babacratus recently went off on a fruitless tangent to Steps of Madness, did some exploring in Elysium and then got back to the business of leveling in Nascense.

It started when asked his older siblings, Babaengy and Babaemphee to help him acquire a Neleb's Nano-Master Robe from Steps of Madness. The plan was, since Babacratus now had the stats at lvl 66 to equip said robe, that Babaengy and Babaemphee would fight their way in, and once there, Babaengy would Beacon Warp Babacratus in. They should have tested it first. Although both are at level 100, and all the mobs were gray to them, it was a slow slog in. Somewhat like the Temple of the Three Winds, there are lots of gray mobs packed closely together such that if you aggro too many at once, you will be toast. The layout is even more tight and cramped than TOTW and in several places the visibility is poor due to lighting and poor sight lines, especially at doors which typically open into rooms packed with mobs waiting to pounce on anyone foolish enough to just barge in.

It gave team pets a chance to get back into practice and in spite of the frustration caused by the visibility and gray crowds of mobs, the run in took about 40 minutes. Once they made it to Neleb's area, they found a trio of 200+ players, camping Neleb. There were also 3 or four Neleb corpses laying around which Babaengy inspected and found they all had robes ready for the taking. Since they are no drop though, they would have to warp Babacratus in to pick one up. It was then that they discovered that the looking for team window will only display players within teaming range, which they had forgotten Babacratus was too low to team with them. Neither Babacratus or Babaengy could see each other in the looking for team window, which is the only way to team with someone that you cannot select by clicking on them in the vicinity. Beacon Warp only works with team members.

There are several ways determine who you can team with.
  • One is to use the command line and enter the command "/tell helpbot level" which will give you information about the level missions you can pull and which levels you can team with.
  • Another method is to take the lowest level players level and multiply it by 1.4 to get the highest level they can team with. The highest level player can multiply thier level by .74 to get the lowest level they can team with.
Somewhat dejected, team pets fought their way back out, returned to Newland, and logged off for the night. Babacratus then logged in and thought that the simplest thing to do would be to level up a few more levels to where he could team with team pets.
The next day, Babacratus did a little exploring of Elysium and tried to do some leveling from the base of the ramp at Port Seven to the spider hill past the Stormshelter dungeon. He gained one level, but did not adjust fast enough to how much more social these mobs are. They will come to the aid of another like mob from quite a distance. They will also aggro by proximity at a much longer distance than mobs on Nascense. He eventually took a quest from one of the ramp guards, and managed over a hour or so, to tippy toe around red mobs to within eyesight of the mission objective. At that point, on a sand bar next to the river, he was attacked by a giant eremite. He tried to run, that was fruitless and he was soon back at his last garden save point.

He next thought about it some more and went back to the Aban Garden and used the transport pillar there to get to Garden of Enel. From there, using an insignia, he transported to Ripwell where he was able to then walk unmolested in the back of the mission place and complete it. The next mission step required him to go further south, but he quickly got swarmed by several red level Hiathilins and managed to elude one while his Driod killed the other, and then they finished off the other. These mobs are in the 70 to 80 range and are too high to charm. He then returned to the Nascence wetlands to try his hand at the level 80 Hecklers there. The problem he ran into there was that all the other mobs in the area seemed too low to be any aid against the Hecklers. At around 22 about all they do is serve as a meatshield for his Driod. Using this method he could just barely take down the first two Hecklers, going clockwise from the bridge, but later Hecklers are space closer together and it was impossible to pull just one.

He discovered you cannot charm the mini bosses on the wetlands, but at least go some nice drops afterwards. He also tried charming a level 35 mob from the next area down, Core and it worked great until the charm wore off. At that point, he could not re-charm it, and it went running back to Core. There is a dungeon on wetlands, which will have higher mobs in it, but dungeon mobs cannot leave the dungeon, charmed or otherwise.

Up to this point he has had to deal with charms by simply waiting for them to time out if/when he wanted to get rid of them, that or tell them to wait and run away. He was reading some AO official forums and just happened to come across teh proper commands to get rid of your charms:
  • To kill the pet, target it an type in command line: /pet %t terminate
    (note at later levels if you have multiple charms of the same type mob, they all will terminate.)
  • To simply release the pet, target it, and then enter in the command line:/pet "%t" free
    (note this behaves the same regarding multiple charmed pets of the same type.)
Macros to do the same things:
  • /macro termpet /pet "%t" terminate
  • /macro Freepet /pet "%t" free
Level 80 Heckler XP
The next day after pulling the ridiculously easy Alien daily mission "High Toxicity" which simply involved targeting 3 not so toxic plants and getting a new alien title, he returned to Core Wetlands. This time he approached the Hecklers with 2 charms and his Driod. The first thing he did was survey the island to find the highest charm-able mobs, which turned out to be level 25 Spinetooth Hatchlings, and long charmed that, then he located the closest Heckler to the bridge and then he short charmed a level 22 Spinetooth Hatchling. He sent the level 22 in to attack first and once it's health was starting to plummet, he sent in his other Spinetooth and his Droid. This worked really well, it tended to keep the Heckler's aggro, and often both the long term charm would survive as well as his Droid past killing the Heckler. The short term charm also proved useful to pull. If he sent it to attack a Heckler and it drew a social add, Baba would recall it using behind or follow. This allowed him to gain level 69.

Red Xs = Hecklers
He is not quite sure why, but only the first Heckler would follow, which would bring it far enough away that Baba and his other pets could then attack without fear of other Heckler adds. While each Heckler was giving 20-22k in experience, it was a slow process, slower than leveling in the Core dungeons had been, due to the extra time involved in acquiring the level 25 Spinetooth, which all seemed to be located near the center of the Wetlands and then finding a Spinetooth close to the Heckler as the second short term spawn.
The night before Baba had been somewhat dejected and resorted to doing some research on the NET forums where he at first found nothing related to how to deal with the Core Wetland Hecks.

Eventually he gave up finding something that specific and settled for just reading general Bureaucrat charm information posts. While doing so, he came across the fact that he could charm at least two pets at his current level. The Crat has to use one long term and one short term charm. The short and long term classification matches with the most telling statistic which is long term pets have a 7001 code at Auno.org which indicates that no other long term pets can be active. The short term charms have a 7000 code which means that they can be done with 1 other pet active.
For examples see:

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