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Friday, April 6, 2012

First Baba off Ruby-Ka

Babaoroody had always wanted to sponsor a toon with access to the Shadowlands, Alien Invasion, and Xan.  He decided to take the plunge, filled out the necessary financial requirements, swiped his credit chit, and Babacratus, a nanomage Bureaucrat was born.

Driod Left, Babacratus Right
Babaengy and Babaemphee were still level locked at 100 as they still need to get a second Custom Desert Reet pistol for Babaengy in Foreman's.  Baba's loose plan at this point is for them to wait for Babacratus to reach 100, and then he will team with them to take on the Director.  With only Babaemphee's Masteries buff, they are just not strong enough to take the Director when his Executive Protectors spawn.  They have tried the director about 15 to 20 times and only once did the protectors not spawn, and that time Babaengy got his first CDR.   

Babacratus started on the Shuttleport Island rather than the Jobe Research backyard.  The main reason he chose this was the island gives the option to earn a couple of Alien levels and once done with the Island, he could still go to the Jobe backyard to take advantage of what it has to offer. 

The starter Crat is pretty weak on the island compared to the experience of Baba's other alts there, but it was still loads of fun since he took advantage of Babaoroody's Shuttleport quick start guide to get the most out of the island.  In just a few hours he had earned his starter armor, joined the clan, and acquired both a range meter and a pair of clan spectacles, two nice starter buffing items.

Once he left the island, he met up with Babaoroody in Athens on the mainland.  Babaoroody provided him with a stake of 2.5 million credits along with a personalized welcome basket that included:  a Vagabond Cloak, 5 small backpacks, an Omni Med suit, some starter laddering implants, med packs and stims, and a few Electronicum and Old English pistols.

After Babaoroody could not help but pass on a few tips, Babacratus made the long run over to Old Athens, the main Clan city, to use the Jobe Whompa.  Once on Jobe he made the rounds of the three levels, gawking like a tourist and checking out the special vendors like the Jobe clusters vendor and the vendor that sells Electonicum pistols.  He choose to use a Omni Med suite to replace his starter armor and it proved a wise decision. These were better than he had expected with a nice range of items and quality levels in stock.

The only thing he found under-whelming was the global market terminals.   Babaoroody the froob had long envisioned this providing endless numbers of nice armor, nanos and weapons for sale at decent prices, drawn from the hundreds of player shops that existed when he first started.  Babacratus was surprised to find very few items available for sale. 

He proceeded to Jobe Research backyard where he quickly completed the starter quests, and outfitted himself with dual improved backyard weapons, the trade-skilled Chimera pistol.  These pistols are a nice step up from the Shuttleport starter pistols, giving 5-20 damage with 15 crits at a firing rate of 1.5.  Together with his driod, Babacratus has no problems facing any of the mobs on Jobe Research. 

When he reached level 20, he went down to Borealis on Ruby-Ka to get his first set of implants and to replace his med suit with some armor.  For implants he was shooting to loosely follow Dredd's lowbie implant laddering method.  After nudgeing Babaente, Babaemphee, Babaoroody, and Tireen to sift their banks for low end implants and buffing items he got started with NanoNanny, AOSkills, and the Auno.org implant designer

With his first set of implants in (ranged 30-55) he headed back to Jobe and entered Nascence for the first time.  It was a large place to explore and most of the mobs were easy however twice when he was hunting weavers or strikers near the break in the frontier wall, a large boss spider took him by surprise wiped him and his droid out.

After moving on to Hiathlins further north, he quickly leveled past 25, and had to run all the way over to Nascense Wilds where he spent time leveling off cripplers.  After having to run almost all the way around the nearby Yuttos camp to escape from bad pulls, i.e. multiple cripplers, he soon learned to take the time to hunt and find cripplers who were far enough away from others so they could be attacked without drawing adds.  Soon he moved over to Crippler Cave where he got his first teaming exercise with a group of other lowbies.  This allowed them to easily take on all the mobs and mini-bosses there. 

About this time he also got his first charm, which made soloing much easier, but was a bit of a pain since lasted less than a minute.  After he reached level 30 in cave, he returned to Borealis to upgrade his implants and trade his med suit for some Wiatt Cyber armor donated by the other Baba's, made possible by AO Item Assistant, which keeps track of their entire inventory in the background.

Nexthe  went to the Core area and leveled off the various mobs there till he reached around level 40.  From there he traveled to the south tip of Nascense and some level 40+ Strikers.  He was also able to get a better charm that lasted around 4 minutes which made life a lot less stressful. 

Next he moved to the dungeons in Core.  Charming the level 50-60 mobs there made it easy to hunt the other dungeon mobs, however he learned the hard way something about the mobs found around the boss elevators.  He has been able to pull singles away from groups in the dungeons using his taunt Ego Pummel quite successfully, however whenever he tried it on mobs in the boss elevator rooms, they all would respond, ending that outing and requiring another round trip to the save location and back.  The drops were improving, with pearls being the most profitable, along with a pack or two of insignias for Elysium. 

The dungeon mobs gave very good XP and Babacratus was level 60 after only clearing 4 or 5 dungeons.  Other than the group he ran into in Crippler Cave, he rarely ever saw other players in these dungeons or on Core.  Once or twice he saw another solo player, but only in passing, never in contention for an area. 

After hitting 60 he returned to Ruby-Ka and brought his implants up to 65-75 levels, added a four slot belt and then headed out to the Temple of the Three Winds.  By this time with the Mastery buff from Babaemphee, he could cast a Basic Assistant Droid (lvl 67) and had a 5+ minute charm. 

The temple seems to be entirely populated with a few new players like himself and many twinks, either solo or dual logged.  Other than that, things have not changed there since Babaoroody used to spend time there.  People still train Aztur as far to the front door as they can, and it is still too easy to get swarmed by gray mobs on the way in or out.  Babacratus was pleasantly surprised at how durable the simple cultists were as charmed pets.  He quickly traded up to grabbing Windcallers or other named mobs when he could.  He was able to take Defender of Three with no problem and had his Notum splice on the first try.  He spent a total of three nights there.  He managed to loot a Guardian of Time's belt off a corpse, and eventually farmed a Exarch robe and a Notum ring off several Exarchs. 

He found that his droid and whatever he could charm were just barely able to take down Exarchs.  With the combination of a regular pet (driod) and temporary additional ones (charms) plus roots and mezz nanos that are reliable, Babacratus glad he started out as a crat. 

He tried Gartua several times, winning once and losing twice.  Gartua dropped nothing for him.  While he had little problem getting access to the Exarchs, he found Lien pretty heavily camped all three nights.  Staying late the last night, he waited until Lien was free, and came away with a free trip back to reclaim at least sparing him the painful exit via fighting through gray mobs to get out. 

Returning to Jobe, he visited Ergo and got his Insipid ring and made an exploratory trip over to Elysium, only to get wiped quickly by a swarm of giant eremites.   He decided to stay in Nacense a while longer and is now planning to try out the Hecklers on Core next.


  1. GMS only shows you the shops from the side you are on. So as Clan it only shows Clan Shops. If you choose to make a neutral Char you can see the Player Shops from all sides clan/neutral/omni. As you have to get to the shops yourself most players did a lvl 40 neutral Fixer with access to the Fixer Grid as he can get to any Player City in a very short time. Alternatively any Char with a Yalm might work.

  2. You know, your right! I went back and gave the search terms another try and realized I was not using the type selector that filters the search (nanos, armor, etc.) I did manage to find a nice mid-range Crat mission only nano from a player's shop, at an affordable price and went and bought it.


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